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Kristen believes in taking the time to educate her patients to help them understand their own body, so they feel empowered and not overwhelmed in their quest to feel better. Kristen, who is Geelong born and bred, studied at RMIT University in Melbourne and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Complementary medicine- chiropractic) and a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic both with distinction. She was thrilled to settle back in Geelong with her husband when starting work as a chiropractor here at Spinal Dynamics in early 2013. She found herself back at the place where her journey with chiropractic first began, having been a long time patient of Rohan’s.

Kristen, now a mother of two young girls knows first hand the benefits of chiropractic for pregnancy care, postpartum care as well as for her children. She enjoys getting to know families and helping every member feel well and perform at their best whatever they choose to do. She enjoys treating all musculoskeletal conditions, not just those involving the spine.

Kristen knows the importance of listening, assessing and looking at all facets of someone’s health and well being, combining hands on care as well as advice and exercises to help heal for the long term.

Kristen believes in taking the time to educate her patients to help them understand their own bod... Read More

Rohan was born right here in Geelong, and is the son of Spinal Dynamics founder Dr. Rohan W. Teasdale. In addition to personally experiencing a lifetime of Chiropractic care, Rohan spent many summers working in his father’s office. Where he was able to witness first hand the exciting and caring benefits of Chiropractic in others. This is where his dream of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic first began. After high school here in Geelong Rohan moved to the USA where he attended college on a full sporting scholarship for golf. After turning pro Rohan spent 7 years playing professional golf on various mini tours around the US. Before turning his love and knowledge for the game towards teaching. Rohan was a co-founder and lead instructor in an innovative teaching academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Through his time as an instructor he worked with players of all skill levels, from beginners up to professional golfers and even a couple of pga tour winners. Before moving back to Geelong with his wife Kayla and their dog Bendigo in April 2020, Rohan completed his multiple undergraduate degrees and postgraduate doctorate in the USA. He achieved multiple honours awards as well as “outstanding clinical intern” at Parker University. Rohan brings a unique perspective to our Spinal Dynamics team. Along with his love and knowledge of human movement and biomechanics at publication, Rohan is the only certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) practitioner here in the greater Geelong and surf coast area. Rohan is a big believer in patient education and strives to empower every patient with the ability to be the leader in their own health.

Rohan was born right here in Geelong, and is the son of Spinal Dynamics founder Dr. Rohan W. Teas... Read More

Dr. Rohan (Senior) brings over 40 years of knowledge and experience to his patients. He was first introduced to Chiropractic at the age of 16 after a bad water skiing accident where he suffered pain in his back and shoulders as well as migraine headaches. He was so impressed by the effectiveness of the treatment he was given, and the philosophy of Chiropractic that he set his sights on one day becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic so that he could help others the way that he was helped.

Rohan spent nine years as an officer in the Australian army reserves before graduating with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in the US. Together with his wife Dawn, they started their first practice here in Geelong in 1977. This would prove to be just the start of numerous successful practices they created throughout both regional and metropolitan Victoria.

Rohan has had a distinguished career, with some of his more notable achievements being recognized for the 2000 Australian Achiever Award, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 ThreeBest Rated best business for Chiropractors in Geelong. He has served multi years as a board member of both SOTO and the Chiropractic Association of Victoria. Through all of his achievements the one’s that Rohan holds dearest to him are the patients that that have been with him for 40+ years and the multiple generations of family members that he has seen grow and thrive.

Always looking for new ways to help his patients Rohan has undertaken numerous post graduate studies some include, SOT, Craniopathy, Ayurvedic, Counseling, Breath Therapist, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology and Cranial Facial Release.

Rohan understands the stressors that modern life put on us both physically and mentally, and looks to create wellbeing for his patients. Even after 43 years Rohan still maintains the passion and enthusiasm to help his patients live their best lives.

Dr. Rohan (Senior) brings over 40 years of knowledge and experience to his patients. He was first... Read More

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